BAM 4G Radio


(A Non Profit Organization)

A Variety of  Christian Music & Talk Radio

(I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to build His site, and my wife for being patient and giving her continued support to me.)

A Variety of Christian Music & Talk Radio I will be airing podcast sermons from different pastors and speakers. Also, I will be broadcasting live programming, and have a live talk show with guest Christian music artists new and established. Check out my website at “While you’re in those streets, keep the devil beneath your feet!” “Come Get Your Praise and Worship On!” BAM 4G RADIO God Bless You, Keith Holloman (DJ 4G)

” I built this site to listen to different genres of Christian music so that we all can get our praise and worship on together praising our Lord and Saviour. I put this radio station together with a mixture of all varieties of worship music I like to listen to, and was led by the Holy Spirit to put a station together to reach out to others to get their praise and worship on.”