Radio Studio Update 3.02.17

Temporary Setback

Hello Listeners and Followers

Well for the last two month we have been working in the studio trying to get it up and running. We had two epic failures in the studio one being K.A.H. Production Studio lost their main production computer at the beginning of the new year. We have finally got that one back up and running. However, we lost the main computer for our radio station and so far have been unable to repair it. We are temporarily using an alternate laptop for now by it is not enough for the production of the radio station. We have been in prayer about starting a fund-raising campaign for some new equipment to keep the station going. I will be putting an equipment list together of what we need for the station to go live on air and will post it on the website so everyone can see what we need and the cost of each item. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to build His station for all to listen to songs, sermons, and testimonies of how great our God is. Please pray about donating to our cause, but we do not want you to take away from others you are donating to, we feel that is not fair to those you already support. Pray about it and let God guide you in the direction He wants you to go.

I would like to thank all of you that are following me on Facebook and Twitter It’s nice to see all the Christ followers doing work for the Kingdom. God Bless each and every one of you, keep praying and spreading the gospel to the lost. I am also working on creating our own app for His radio station, we will keep you informed on the progress. We are looking for mp3 of worship music from new artist to help them get notice if you know of any please contact DJ 4G at . I will be working on the donation page and will post it once completed along with the list of things we are needing for the radio station. I am also starting to work on the podcast sermons to put on the radio however it is a slow process right now. You should start listening to some within three weeks from now.

Well that’s it for now, I will keep you posted on any new status that comes up. Until then!

“While you’re in those streets, keep the devil beneath your feet!”  – Keith A. Holloman

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  1. ReplyLeKeshia Holloman
    Nice work, Dad!

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