Radio Station Update

Hello My Listeners

We have been busy here at BAM 4G RADIO! We are working on our donation page while being in prayer on how we want to present it to our listeners. We also just got listed on iTunes internet radio and some other sites also around the world. I would like to thank iTunes and the other sites for allowing us the opportunity to be listed on their sites! We are working on uploading some Christmas songs soon, I’ll keep you posted! I am so happy at the progress here at the station and thank God for giving me the opportunity and the gifts to operate this radio station. This station is not about me or BAM 4G RADIO it is for the lost and others that are seeking life eternity with our Heavenly Father that sacrificed His only Son Jesus Christ so that we can have life everlasting rejoicing and praising Him. It’s all about the Kingdom! I am just a servant for the Kingdom. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as we keep all of you in ours.

Till next time, “While you’re in those streets keep that devil beneath your feet! Get your praise and worship on and do the Holy Ghost dance on his head!”

Keith Holloman – DJ4G

BAM 4G RADIO “Come Get Your Praise and Worship On!”

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