Website Back Up!

Our Website Is Back Up Again

On the 4th of July 2017 our site went offline due to a error on my part. I forgot to renew the domain name so it had expired and went offline, the radio station however was always online. When I paid for domain name renewal there was another glitch in the system that was out of control, and since it was a holiday had to wait for the following day to get it fixed. This would have never happened if I had paid it prior to the domain name expiring. So now I have set a annual reminder for a week before it expires so I can pay it on time. Sorry for the interruption everyone. 

The devil tried to take advantage of this situation, but he can’t have what is HIS in JESUS name!


Well like I always say “While You’re in those streets, keep the devil beneath your feet!”

Till Next Time!

Keith A. Holloman – DJ 4G 

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